Owner operated experienced curbing expert with over 18-years of installing landscape curbing and mow strips for landscaping, edging, residential driveways, and more.  We do 100% of the ground preparation work and clean up.  With our attention to detail during the preparation phase the continuous concrete curbing looks the best it can.  We specialize in a basic smooth finish as well as exposed aggregate.  3 basic shapes of curbing are offered; mower style, flat curb, and slant curb.  We offer free estimates.  We have installed tens of thousands of feet of curbing locally.


My name is Jim Brigham and I own and operate Create-A-Curb LLC.  I personally provide the quote for installing landscape curbing on your property.  I am also on site 100% of the time, carrying out the preparation and installation myself with the help of one other employee.  My radiuses are smooth, straight runs are, “straight,”  and the curbing is not bumpy.  We take our time!  Preparation is of the utmost importance and the result of good prep is a curb with integrity and great appearance.  We focus on quality to ensure the job is done right!


Please call or email me for a quote or to get answers to your questions.  I return all calls personally.